Develop a Standardized Driving Test

The York Driving Simulator platform is ideally suited for developing your standardized driving test.
Driving simulators provide a quantifiable method for assessing driver fitness in a world where accidents are frequent.
There is an estimated 1.4 billion cars on the road (and even greater number of drivers). These cars require practice in order to operate safely. Furthermore, the context in which cars are driven varies substantially in terms of heaviness of traffic, complexity of road systems, traffic rules, weather conditions etc. The conditions of the drivers also varies with respect to sleep deprivation, substance use like alcohol or cannabis, and distraction via phone use etc. This complexity is also highlighted by the 1.35 million deaths that occur from car accidents each year around the world according to the CDC. Furthermore, it's estimated that crash injuries cost the world economy $1.8 trillion dollars annually. People are not particularly good drivers. The complexity of driving behaviour combined with the importance of safe driving warrants research and intervention. Indeed, driving simulators provide massive advantages to improve real world driving performance. This is because drivers can be safely exposed and quantified across a range of dangerous and varying environments (and scenarios) for study, teaching, and screening.

Develop your driving test in 3 easy steps!

Design and Validate
Use the York Driving Simulator as a research tool to develop and validate your driving test against existing gold standards and/or real world road tests.
Package into Turnkey Test
Once your driving test has been developed, let us convert the result into a turnkey program for running your test and computing and outputting the result.
Sell your test as a validated clinical or testing tool for others to use.
Develop your test using the York Driving Simulator
We've worked to bring you the ultimate development platform to design and compile your standardized test for distribution.
GUI Environment Building
No coding required! Simply drag road segments and add traffic to build your ultimate driving environment and driving scenarios for testing.
Data Analyses
We love data! and provide you all of the raw data signals to analyze as you see fit. Assess the results of your test to compare to gold standard tests or real world driving routes.
Minimal hardware requirements
Run your tests on basic off the shelf Windows machine, without the need for expensive technology.
Need non-standard features? Our experienced team can develop add-on programs for your application.
Looking for a partner?
We'd love to help you work towards your goal as a technology partner in your pursuit of a standardized test.
Production of turnkey product
Let us package your simulated driving test into a turnkey product to be used in clinics or driving testing facilities.
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