Are you a researcher looking for a driving simulator?

The York Driving Simulator has been used in research labs for the past 20 years. The software package provides researchers with complete autonomy to build, run, and export data from their driving simulations. The power to create custom road designs and scenarios is unmatched.
Trusted by top institutions all over the world.
Our users employ the York Driving Simulator to study a broad range of topics, including sleep, distracted driving, ergonomics, drug effects, and aging in universities all over the world.
Run Experiments Start to Finish
Easily move from hypothesis to analyzing data in 3 easy steps.
1. Design/build your experiment
Design the road configurations and driving scenarios to test your hypothesis.
2. Collect your data
Invite participants into the lab to complete the simulated driving task.
3. Analyze Data
Review participant data in 2D and 3D space and export raw data to your favourite data analyses package.
York Driving Simulator in Pictures
Giving you extensive control over all aspects of the simulation environment.
Why use the York Driving Simulator?
We've worked to bring you the best desktop driving simulator for your lab!
Develop highly detailed worlds without predefined and limiting templates! Run the driving simulator on any hardware device with any input device.
Build and run simulations on your laptop with a steering and pedal controller or run on a large multiscreen installation.
Doesn't have what you're looking for? Contact our team to bring your simulation to life. We've written many add-on programs for our clients!
GUI Development
No programming necessary! Simply drag and drop road segments to create detailed environments.
We're cheaper than other providers with no upselling. Our product is all inclusive.
Experienced Team
We were born out of the lab and have experience with numerous data collection devices, such as EEG, force sensors, eye trackers etc.
Does the York Driving Simulator sound right for your lab?
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