Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided some FAQs below. However, if you don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.
Can I build my own simulations?
YES. The York Driving Simulator is designed for users to build their own driving simulations using our graphical user interface. There is no programming required. Users simply drag and drop down lane segments to create a map and then build out the map with all the infrastructure characteristic of the real world.
What are the hardware requirements?
  • MS Windows operating system
  • Up to two monitors, 1-Operator, 2-Simulation
  • Minimum CPU should be I7 or equivalent
  • Gaming graphics
  • Enough USB ports for keyboard, mouse, steering and pedals, etc.
  • Any gaming input device for steering and pedals
  • Speakers and sound
  • Today's computers have plenty of hard disk and system memory so this is not an issue.
Recommended but not mandatory:
  • Solid state hard drive for boot and operating system with separate data drive
  • NVidea graphics
  • Any Logitech steering and pedals
Can I use multiple participant displays?
No, but check back with us. The current version is only compatible with a single participant display, however, an update is in the works that accommodates 3 displays, which will be released within the year.
Can you build custom programs?
Yes. This is one of our specialities. The driving simulator is designed in a modular format so that any accessory program can be easily linked into the simulator using DLL's. We regularly create custom programs for our clients to provide enhanced customization. For example, for various clients, we have created brake lights on leading vehicles that dynamically change in size when braking, a 2D reaction time test, questionnaires that interrupt the simulation at specified times for participant responses.
Do I get to keep the data?
Yes. All of the data you collect is yours. No data is stored online or inaccessible to you. Furthermore, simulation data is provided to the user in raw format so the user can process as desired.
Can I share my simulations with others?
Yes. The simulation you create is stored in a very lightweight proprietary file format. This file, representing your simulation, can be emailed to colleagues who also run the York Driving Simulator; these simulations can then be loaded and run. Furthermore, data files also have this capacity as well. They are stored in a very lightweight format that can be emailed to colleagues. The map files are also contained within each data file so that a data file is never dissociated from the simulation that it was derived from.
Can I use my own steering and pedal controls?
Yes. The York Driving Simulator can accept all analogue and digital inputs. The simulator comes preconfigured to accept a variety of commonly used controllers, however, if you have a unique controller that is not one of the standard options you can easily calibrate it to work as desired. This compatibility extends to unique input devices such as joysticks, eye movements, or EEG activity.
Can I use the simulator without a valid license?
Somewhat. A user with an invalid license will be able to build simulations but not run them or export any data.
Can I still use the simulator if I am outside North America?
Yes. We have clients all over the world. The driving simulator is easily downloadable and communication is easy enough through email, phone, or Skype.
Will you build my simulation for me?
Yes. Although users have the capacity to build their simulations themselves, we are happy to do it for them. Clients often contract us to build them a map for their application, especially if it is more complex. We will quote a price based on the time requirements of the task.