Driving Simulators for Users in Australia
Because the York Driving Simulator is a software product and we do not sell hardware, we are able to cater to clients all over the world, including Australia. We have several users in Australia who have been using the York Driving Simulator for years. We have shipped the software to them using a downloadable file that also allows us to update the York Driving Simulator software as the product evolves. Additionally, we have been successful at remotely managing our clients product by troubleshooting problems from our office. We communicate with our York Driving Simulator users using video-chat, email, and phone. If a customer has a problem, they simply send us the York Driving Simulator log files that are generated by the York Driving Simulator with each use. We can identify and easily solve issues using these files. We have refined our process over the years, making catering to our international clients a smooth and efficient process.