Driving Simulators for Users in Asia
We started in Canada and have expanded to supply driving simulators throughout the world. So whether you are running driving simulations in Israel, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea or elsewhere in Asia, we can provide service. Our York Driving Simulator Software is downloadable and easily installed and there is no hardware we ship. Customer support for our users in Asia is facilitated by video-chat, email and phone calls. Problems and trouble shooting for our users in Asia is accomplished seamlessly using our extensive log files which are compiled when the driving simulator software is being run. If our users have a problem they can simply email their log files to us together with their driving simulator map file and we can troubleshoot an issue. At least half of our customers base is outside North America and resolving an issue is always successful. Lastly, the York Driving Simulator was designed for use all over the world so the user is able to build maps that reflect the road markings, left vs right hand side drive, and signage of the local area that is simulated.