Introducing the most versatile desktop driving simulator on the market

by York Computer Technologies

Simulated Driving Task for Measuring Driving Behaviour

The York Driving Simulator gives users the ability to develop highly specific driving environments and scenarios for a wide range of applications, including researching, teaching and testing.

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Trusted by institutions all over the world
Join a productive international community of researchers who use the York Driving Simulator to study such topics as sleepiness, drug use, human factors, distracted driving, and ageing.

Limitless control over all aspects of environment design

Why choose us?

Personal Team
We take pride in helping our users excel in whatever their driving simulator applications and are always available for a call.
Our Driving Simulator has been used in research published in numerous international journals.
Great Value
We cost less than alternative research simulators while maximizing robustness, reliability and functionality.
Lab Friendly
We are skilled in how behavioural experiments are run and have worked with numerous 3rd party data acquisition devices.
We offer a single driving simulator product that receives 100% of our attention. We believe in doing one thing exceptionally well.
We love chatting about new and exciting applications and want to help you succeed in your reserach.

Diverse Applications!

Use the York Driving Simulator in the lab to answer a wide range of scientific questions. The simulator has traditionally been used in sleep research, human factors, drug studies, aging, and engineering.
Driving education can be done using a classroom full of driving simulators where each students has their own simulators that are networked together.
Use the York Driving Simulator for developing and distributing a standardized test for the evaluation of driving behaviour.
York Driving Simulator build module
Use our software package with your choice of hardware to bring your driving simulator applications to reality! Simulations are easily created using our GUI interface and run on any hardware platform using any input device for steering and pedal controls.

So whether you are a researcher who needs extensive customization and or a clinician looking to develop a testing protocol, the York Driving Simulation is right for you.

Bringing you extensive functionality

Our 3 integrated modules provide all the functionality you need to develop your simulated driving tasks.
Build Module
Custom build driving environments using our graphical user interface, without complicated programming. Need something further? Have our team develop custom add-on programs.
Run Module
Our driving simulator is optimized to run on any existing or custom designed hardware configuration. Accept any analogue or digital input for custom controls or tertiary data acquisition devices.
Analyze Module
Replay simulations in 2D and 3D space. Export raw data to any common or custom delimited file format for analyses. You have access to the raw signals so you can analyze data the way you want.
How about scene lighting?
Apply any lighting to your driving environment, from dawn to dusk!

No more complicated software/hardware systems

The York Driving Simulator makes running driving simulations easy.
Run Driving Simulations on Existing Hardware
The York Driving Simulator is lightweight and does not require extensive computing power to run driving simulations. Standard desktop, MS Window's based machines are usually sufficient.
Single Software Package
We offer a single software package that contains everything you need to run your experiments. We do not sell individual modules or up sell additional functionality.
Programmable using our GUI
Our intuitive GUI interface is designed with the novice user in mind. Simply drag and drop road segments, add traffic controls, vehicles, and infrastructure to complete your simulation.
Helpful Team
Our team loves helping you succeed and works closely with you to get your unique projects up and running quickly.
Driving Simulator Platform
The York Driving Simulator is not only a standalone driving simulator for research scientists, but also a full fledged development platform for a variety of use cases, including development of a standardized simulated driving task, e.g., for aging drivers, and development of a driving school curriculum for driving schools. The modular design of the York Driving Simulator allows us to modify the software product for your use case at any level of the software program.
What our Users Say
"The flexibility of the map building environment and technical support for the York Driving Simulator enabled us to create a highly controlled driving simulation to carry out our research objectives. With additional customization we can even powerfully combine the driving simulator technology with simultaneous EEG and eye tracking recordings."
Dr. Stuart Fogel
Assistant Professor, Sleep Research Laboratory, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada
"York Computer Technologies Inc were extremely helpful in guiding us through our purchase and installation of the Highway Driving Simulator software. Despite being on the other side of the world, our questions were always answered promptly and thoroughly, ensuring that our installation was as smooth as possible. YCT were flexible and tailored the installation and configuration to our specific needs."
Centre for Sleep Research, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
"As someone who is not great with computers, I was initially nervous about creating a simulated driving environment using an unfamiliar program. However, after learning the basics I found the program quite easy to use. In addition, YCT staff went above and beyond in helping me complete my project. They donated hours of their time, answered all my questions, and were instrumental in my project ultimately becoming a success."
Grad Student
Speech Perception and Production Laboratory, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
"My laboratory was fortunate to be the first to use the York Driving Simulator and it has been a vital component of many studies since then. We still use the current version. The Simulator is distinguished by being programmable, versatile, and economical. It makes available a wealth of data on all aspects of driving behaviour. The Company is creative, approachable, and responsive. I am delighted to have had available such an adaptable resource for research."
Dr. Alistair MacLean
Department of Psychology, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
"York Computer Technologies was very helpful in getting the York Driving Simulator set up. Throughout the course of our experiments, everyone at YCT rapidly responded to inquiries from everyone in our research group including students working on the project. Their input helped our projects run much more smoothly."
Cognitive and Motor Performance Lab, Dalhousie, Halifax, Canada